Test your data! An extension of the 'testthat' unit testing framework with a family of functions and reporting tools for checking and validating data frames.


  • testdat.miss: A vector of values to consider missing (default: c(NA, "")).

  • testdat.miss_text: A vector of values to consider missing in text variables (default: c("error", "null", "0", ".", "-", ",", "na", "#n/a", "", NA)).

  • testdat.stop_on_fail: Should an expectation raise an error on failure? Useful for interactive use of expectation functions (default: TRUE).

  • testdat.scipen: When it is necessary to convert a numeric vector to character for checking, this value will be used for scipen (default: 999).


Maintainer: Danny Smith danny@gorcha.org


Other contributors:

  • The Social Research Centre [copyright holder]